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The innovative Half-QWERTY Keyboard from Matias is a standard desktop keyboard that allows those with limited or no use of one hand to continue typing with the other hand in an easy and natural manner. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other typing-related injuries don’t always occur in both hands. In cases where only one hand is affected, you can type with the other hand, while the injured one heals. Half-QWERTY’s innovative “skill transfer” design makes the transition fast and easy. Periodic rest breaks should be taken, so as not to risk injuring the uninjured hand. Blindness Used in conjunction with a Braille display, Half-QWERTY allows blind and visually impaired persons to read what they type as they are typing it, much as a seeing person would. If you’ve never learned to type before, learning Half-QWERTY will take roughly the time it would take to learn standard two-handed touch-typing. However, if you are a trained touch-typist, you can learn Half-QWERTY in a matter of minutes, with little or no retraining. Published empirical research has shown that (on average) a touch-typist can learn Half-QWERTY in 1/3 the time it takes to learn a one-handed chord keyboard. Half-QWERTY’s innovative “skill transfer” design makes this possible. With practice, Half-QWERTY typists can expect to reach speeds of between 61% and 91% of those achievable by two-handed typists. Typing speeds as high as 64 words per minute (wpm) have been recorded. The Half-QWERTY typing technique is very similar to the standard two-handed touch-typing technique… You place your hand where it would normally be if you were touch-typing – that takes care of that half of the keyboard. To type the letters of the other half, you hold down the space bar with your thumb and do the same finger movement that you would normally do with the other hand. It’s that easy! Tapping the space bar still types a space.Ideal for One-Handedness, Hemiplegia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other hand-related injuries

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