10/100BASE-TX To 100BASE-FX (st) Switchi

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GC-H21ST is designed to meet the needs for optical fiber network deployment for extending a copper based network via fiber cables. It is a 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation Fast Ethernet Switching Media Converter to provide conversion between 10Base-T Ethernet or 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet UTP (Cat.3 or Cat. 5) cables and 100Base-FX multimode (ST connectors) fiber optic cables. As defined in IEEE 802.3 802.3u standards, 10Base-T 100BaseTX specify the transmission over category 3 or 5 cables media can transmit signals up to 100 meters. 100Base-FX specifies the transmission in multimode fiber media can transmit signals up to 2 kilometers and transmit even longer distance in single-mode fiber medias. GC-H21ST comes with one RJ45 connector with Auto Cross Over feature to connect to a 10 or 100Base-TX device such as workstation, hub or switch, etc. via Cat.5 copper cables and one ST connector to connect to a 100Base-FX multi-mode fiber device via 50/125, 62.5/125 or 100/140um multimode fiber cables. GC-H21ST will convert the signals between these two different types of cables.The GC-H21ST is a slim and compact unit with strong metal case. It features 6 status LEDs for easy diagnostics and trouble shooting.Product Type – Converter

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